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Playing a vibrant blend of honky-tonk and traditional country music, The Music Road Band is the choice for entertainment with their take on traditional country music.They also perform a variety of Southern and Country Rock, and they'll even perform some Beach music for your dancing pleasure.

The Music Road Band
 melds honky-tonk and traditional country into music, harkening back to the old dance hall days when people of all walks of life came together to dance, socialize, and enjoy live music. The band performs classics from people like George Jones, Ray Price, George Strait and lots of other great artists.  To round out their repertoire, they also perform a variety of Southern and Country Rock with some good ol' Beach music for dancing.Garry Farrington

The Music Road Band captures the foot-stompin’ excitement, raw vitality and spontaneous joy of a live band. With today’s slick, poppy country music, it’s refreshing to find a group interested in performing traditional country music with the additional variety that The Music Road Band has to offer.

Thomas Payne
North Wilkesboro, North Carolina’s The Music Road Band are dyed-in-the-wool traditionalists when it comes to country and even rambling off in their own country style with their original solo work. They always find a great balance between original songs and paying tribute to old, classic tunes. Their authenticity is apparent from the first note of their performances.

Gordon Vickers



Music Road Band


The voices in The Music Road Band have a ringing quality similar to Hank Williams or a young George Jones, complimented by their choices of piano, pedal steel guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, fiddle and drums in just the right mix to bring their sound to perfection.   This is a fantastic group, worthy of inclusion in any traditional country fans must-listen-to choices.Danny Osborne